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Father and baby

Great and small

So far the summer has brought big things our way, like the 10.5 million diapers that we helped our founding sponsor Huggies distribute to diaper banks around the country in July and the publication of a landmark study on diaper need in Pediatrics. Our own Joanne Goldblum and Alison Weir were co-authors with Dr. Megan Smith of Yale University, an NDBN board member.

But there were small things that touched us just as much: a stranger willing to ship diapers to a mom living far from any social services; schoolteachers who banding together to send us a donation; a mom who reported that she would be able to work today because her baby had the diapers to get into daycare.

It’s about the big things and the little things. Because everything that makes a difference in the life of a family is a tremendous thing.

Powerful and Passionate

That’s how we’d describe a room full of diaper bankers. Our annual conference is coming up October 7 and 8 in San Antonio. It’s one stop-shopping for networking, technical assistance and a whole lot of inspiration. Register online

Loud and Proud

Oklahoma was the first state to issue a proclamation marking Diaper Need Awareness Week (Sept. 8 to 14). Congrats to Governor Mary Fallin for making the proclamation and to Miki Farris of Infant Crisis Services for making it happen. Oregon quickly followed suit. Big shout out to PDX Diaper Bank’sRachel Alston and Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber. Georgia just came on board through the hard work of Adrienne Hopkins at The Diaper Bank of Greater Atlanta and Kia Morgan Smith at Atlanta Diaper Relief. Thanks to Georgia Governor Nathan Deal.

We’ve got sample proclamations available if you’d like to approach your state’s leadership about calling attention to diaper need.

Bound and Determined

A year ago, Pastor Eric Shadle was biking across America to raise money and awareness about diaper need. The ride concluded in Diaper Need Awareness Week, which is Sept. 8 to 14 this year. “It was a bit of a challenge to be ready for the ride, but it was a good challenge for me,” says Pastor Eric, who had
heart surgery shortly before the ride. He’d do it all over again. The trek benefitted his own Tri-Cities Diaper Bank in Washington state to the tune of half a million diapers, as well as diaper banks in the communities he rode through. Visiting other programs gave him insight into the way he wanted Tri-Cities to serve families. “It changed our whole focus on development to get people out of poverty,” he says. Pastor Eric has offered to share his experiences with anyone who might want to start their own diaper ride.

Short and Sweet

We’ve got some good conversations going on Twitter @diapernetwork. We’d love for you to follow us, and we’d love to follow you.

Engaging and Engaged

A Colorado law firm, Wills and Wellness, serving new parents who want to establish guardianship for their children, has adopted the cause of diaper need. It’s an interesting study in how a local business can combine it’s own branding efforts with a commitment to the cause. See a video about that here.

Needed and Appreciated

A gift to The National Diaper Bank Network helps strengthen vital community-based organizations and raises national awareness about diaper need.

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