Well Beings Chiropractic – Whole body healing for the whole family

Gentle enough for infants and children, pregnant women and adults, Well Beings Chiropractic has a healing touch. Family owned, Dr. Maura Fletcher and Dr. Jacob Fletcher are a husband and wife team committed to caring for those of all ages. Alignment and balance have an important role in overall health and well-being – a concept embraced by their mission statement to “educate, empower and inspire people towards health, healing and wholeness through the chiropractic adjustment and vitalistic lifestyle.”

Well Beings Chiropractic is dedicated to thorough and thoughtful adjustments and integrative overall health. They stand apart from all others for many reasons, including their care for pregnant women, infants and children. A unique specialty that we particularly adore.

Expecting Women’s Chiropractic Care

Home to the growing baby, the uterus is a muscle controlled by nerves regulated by the central nervous system. For the uterus to grow properly, and contract during labor, it needs adequate nerve supply. With good nerve supply to the uterus, labor time and labor pains can be reduced, and there can be a decreased chance of medical intervention.

Dr. Maura Fletcher specifically works with pregnant women, including our very own Owner & Co-Founder, Bonnie Bowles, using the “Webster Technique”. Maura helps adjust Bonnie’s entire body in a specifically designed table for expecting women. Proper pelvic positioning decreases the potential for undue stress to baby’s developing spine and nerve system. When repositioned in the womb, the baby has a better chance of proper muscle tone and nerve function. If not positioned properly, there is the potential of higher risk of birth trauma and injury. Learn more about pregnancy chiropractic care here.

“I recently learned I’m expecting twins! Whoa, that was a shocker. Dr. Maura serves pregnant mamas only, and she is doing an outstanding job adjusting for me,” says current patient Bonnie Bowles.

Infant and Children’s Chiropractic Care

The very experience of childhood presents challenges that often translate into nerve interference. Consider a handful of such challenges that could potentially lead to body imbalance:

  • Learning to walk, falling down and jumping
  • Playground accidents and tumbles
  • Contact sports
  • Ill-fitting footwear

Consider this: The average child, by the age of 5 years old, will have experienced over two thousand falls, ten percent of which would be considered serious.

Our very own Wills & Wellness mascot, Evangeline, was having severe ear infections. The doctors said she needed tubes in her ears – a traumatic, painful…(and expensive!) surgery. Dr. Jacob Fletcher gently adjusts Eva while she plays with toys in the kids area. Previously frequent, Eva hasn’t had an ear infection since beginning treatment. Learn more about chiropractic care for babies and kids here.

“I recently took my daughter Eva to Well Beings to help with ear infections and sinus issues, and Dr. Jacob is doing a fabulous job treating her – a much better and less intrusive alternative than the adenoidectomy that was initially recommended for Eva,” says her mother Bonnie.

Check out this very cool virtual tour of Well Beings Chiropractic. You can also connect via Facebook or Twitter. Or, just send them a note right here.

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