National Make a Will Month: Bonnie’s Estate Planning Story

I have to confess that, despite our mantra at Wills & Wellness that estate planning is important at all of life’s stages, I didn’t really consider estate planning a priority until I was a parent.

But once my daughter was born, my husband and I were all of a sudden staring in the face a huge (and frankly, scary) question that we had never dealt with before: What would happen to her if something happened to us?

This question turned my whole world around—not just my world as a parent, but as an attorney. It’s this one question that was the impetus for ensuring my children are protected no matter what and for creating our firm Wills & Wellness.

I was only two days away from my daughter’s due date when I took an honest look at some real questions like how can I be the best wife, mother, and attorney I know how to be? My job situation at the time was not going to get me there. I had been doing litigation for five years even though I really don’t prefer to be in adversarial situations, or to be subject to a court’s schedule instead of my own, or to bill by the hour.

I had the opportunity to do estate planning here and there during those years and found that it brought me back to the reason I went to law school. I would go home feeling like I truly helped someone proactively and happily achieve a goal versus reactively responding to a negative situation after being pushed into a corner (which is what litigation is all about).

It was a no-brainer. Right after my daughter was born we put an estate plan in place and I started building Wills & Wellness.

Our Client Services Director Kim Johnson started with me on the journey and only one year into our endeavor we had built a client base that could support our own storefront boutique firm. In two and a half years now we’ve grown to a team of five—three attorneys and two great support team members—all while growing our client base to include more and more families who take the questions above as seriously as I did.

I feel very fortunate that my estate planning story is really my life story.

Thinking about my estate plan brought up broader questions that I didn’t even realize I was ready to address. Now I get to go to “work” at a place that doesn’t even feel like work. Our mission at Wills & Wellness is my passion—educating and guiding families to a place where they know their children and loved ones are protected from the court system, unscrupulous people, and exorbitant fees, no matter what.

About the author: August is National Make a Will Month. To help protect your family, learn more about Bonnie Bowles, Estate Planning Attorney and Organized Mom, and the Co-Founder & Co-Owner of Wills & Wellness–a friendly and approachable law firm helping families with their very important estate planning and ensuring their estate plan matches their goals, concerns, and desires exactly. Bonnie educates families on the pitfalls of probate and how estate planning that focuses on serving you for your lifetime can help. If you want to have an estate planning “check-in,” check out Wills & Wellness, contact us below, or call 720-266-8190 today.