9 Estate planning questions to ask before year-end

It’s hard to believe but 2015 is almost here. Are you ready? Is your estate plan ready? Here are nine estate planning questions to ask before it rings midnight on December 31st. Should your estate plan be changed to reflect any new laws, new assets, or changes in your life? I know two things for sure—the law is going to Continue Reading →

10 Tips for choosing the best guardian

You’re a parent of minor children—do you know what would happen to your children if something happened to you? Maybe one of your siblings would step in or perhaps an aging parent. Maybe you were rushing to get out of town last year and sent a quick email to a friend or family member saying who you’d want as guardian Continue Reading →

An unexpected source of total wellness

If you believe in taking good care of your mind, body, family and finances, then estate planning is the cornerstone to protect it all. Here’s how estate planning affects each one. Your mind is the epicenter of your health and well-being. It’s so crucial to try to live mindfully, meditate and maintain balance. Yet, worry still happens to everyone. And Continue Reading →

National Make a Will Month – Kim Ruddell’s Story – “A Tale of Proscrastination”

Estate planning – what exactly does that mean? Most people are vaguely aware that there is a magical document out there called a “Will”. Some people even have a grandiose picture in their mind that when they are on their death bed, they will dictate their Will to their lifelong friend and personal attorney. (Because we all have that, right??) Continue Reading →

National Make a Will Month – Melissa’s Estate Planning Story

Melissa’s Estate Planning Story Our family just recently drafted our estate plan. This may seem ironic given I’m a practicing attorney that advises on the subject regularly! Why did it take so long to get a plan together? Great question. Here are my observations: 1) It is taboo – When I had my daughter, I was well read on the Continue Reading →

Wills & Wellness: Estate Planning for ALL Families

By Sarah Roisman Maya Angelou, the Dalai Lama, and even the Pope recently announced their support for marriage equality. These three influential leaders have aligned themselves with the nineteen states offering same-sex marriage, the six states with same sex civil unions, the two states that broadened the concept of domestic partnerships granting the same rights as unmarried couples to same Continue Reading →

How to Raise a Positive Thinker

How to Raise a Positive Thinker by Jennifer King Lindle It’s not just about a sunny disposition. Positive thinking helps kids weather life’s storms. Happily, the experts are here to brighten your child’s outlook. Turn that frown upside down! Research points to a single factor that can play a role in achieving all types of big dreams: optimism. Experts believe Continue Reading →

You’re a great parent! But…is something missing?

Calling all Mamas and Papas! It’s time to take a moment and think about the best gift you could give to your child – a guardian that you have chosen ahead of time, in case the unthinkable happens, so that your child is always in the care of someone you trust, always knows how much you love them, and never Continue Reading →