Jeff Soffer

I’m an Estate Planning Attorney & Soon-To-Be Husband, and I’m very fortunate on both fronts. In assisting clients, my paramount goal is that they feel comfortable sharing such important, personal details of their lives with me.

I work hard to address each and every one of my clients’ questions and concerns, so they can have peace of mind, knowing their loved ones are protected.

I am humbled when my clients entrust me with the privilege of serving as their advisor, and I strive to build long-lasting friendships as well.

Upon graduation from Northwestern University, I worked for a year as a casino financial analyst in Las Vegas before heading to Austin to attend The University of Texas School of Law. After practicing law for a few years at a commercial litigation firm in my hometown of Houston, I moved to New York for business school at NYU, where I received my MBA. I am licensed to practice law in Texas, with Colorado pending.

When I’m out of the office, I enjoy playing golf, tennis, and poker. I am also developing a love for cooking (although to be honest, I am still partial to eating). Undoubtedly, my favorite activity is hiking throughout Colorado with my fiancée, Allison. As I look forward to our upcoming wedding, I think about the importance of having a plan in place–and updating it accordingly–as we grow our family.

The future is uncertain, so it’s important to take steps to provide protection and guidance for your loved ones. You are doing this for them, and they will be better off because of your foresight. It would be my pleasure to serve as your trusted advisor and work with you to prepare a plan that is personalized for you and your family.