Client Testimonials

Susan & Corey Snipes “Bonnie and Kim have been helpful and informative at every turn. They provide exceptional service in a friendly, easy-to-understand format.”
Donna & Geoff Ferguson “It was a pleasure to work with Bonnie and Kim. They helped us complete an estate plan with pure professionalism.”
Jane & Dallas Everhart “Bonnie and Kim made the process informative and comfortable. We are so happy and relieved to have this all done. Thank you!”
Nate Hyatt “After going through a divorce and being completely on my own at age 40—I knew that I needed to get my affairs in order for my children. I have 4 kids and one of my daughters has Down Syndrome. I knew that I needed to find someone who could navigate through the complexities of a special needs trust. I was 100% satisfied with Bonnie’s direction and expertise. The staff was very patient and helpful and walked me through the process so I understood everything that was being put together. It was an investment that gave me peace of mind. I would strongly recommend Wills and Wellness to anyone who does not have an estate plan in place.”
Jayme Glamm & Adam Thompson “Thank you Bonnie and Kim for helping us complete our estate and family protection planning. You are both extremely knowledgeable and explained everything so we feel educated about our decisions. We feel prepared for parenting and have a comfort knowing our family will be taken care of. Thanks for everything and we look forward to a long relationship with you both.”
Emily & Steve Forbes “We had a wonderful experience working with Bonnie and her team and feel so much better knowing that our little one will be cared for the way we would prefer if something should happen to us!”
Walt Basham “Very easy to work with and explains things so I could understand them. A pleasure to work with everyone in the office.”
Jill & Clinton Smith “You were great to work with. Professional, prompt, knowledgeable, efficient and thorough. All are appreciated!”
Deborah & Sean Jourdan “We had a great experience with Kim – she helped us understand in simple term what would happen without putting a plan in place and helped us figure out what we wanted to do – which was a trust and will. Everything about the process was easy for us and on schedule. Plus the whole office is nice and easy to work with – and the little extras like the priceless conversation are really great!”
Alicia & Forbes Cone “I’ve never met such a consistently nice, friendly, and caring group of people as the women at Wills and Wellness. They are so personable and genuine. They have made the estate planning process as accessible and easy as possible, and we were thrilled to have the process completed so quickly and so thoroughly. We love their model and would encourage anyone to do business with them.”
Britta & Jon Leverkuhn “I came into this with almost no understanding of estate planning, and after only a few meetings with Kim, I now feel like I have a very firm grasp of the situation. Kim was excellent at explaining our options, letting us have control of the process where appropriate, and also jumping in and taking care of things for us when we needed her to. I am extremely happy with both our final estate plan and the process of creating it. To top it all off, the Wills and Wellness office is a wonderful environment. Our two year old actually looked forward to accompanying us to our appointments because of the all the toys and books available. This was certainly not the stereotypical “meet with a lawyer” scenario. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with Kim and the rest of the Wills and Wellness team.”
Catherine & Brent Clendinning “Bonnie made creating our estate plan as painless as possible.  It was never something we had much motivation for, but when we finally reached out for help, she held our hands along the way and it was much less difficult than we anticipated.”
Victoria & Matt Robinson “We were drawn to the casual nature of the firm and the family centric approach in dealing with such a personal thing with estate planning. They broke it down for us and made it easy to understand.”
Shanna and Florian Weber “We used Wills & Wellness (Bonnie Bowles) and had a great experience with them. Bonnie helped us set up our family trust to make sure that all our financials were taken care of “in an emergency,” including who would have temporary and long-term care of our kids. It was affordable, easy and very reassuring. If you have kids, you NEED to do this, and Wills & Wellness is great!”
Rachel & Robert Adducci “Bonnie and her team were very knowledgeable, helpful and accommodating. We felt very well cared for and supported on the process.”
Elizabeth & RJ Mutton “Kim was always professional and willing to answer our numerous questions. She was able to articulate in non-legal words what the trust meant and what exactly our options were.”
Alexa & Chad Lembeck “Wills and Wellness took care of all our estate planning needs, even the things we didn’t know to think about.”
Amanda & Mark Johnson “Kim and Melissa have been the most helpful and informed resources for us in building out our estate plan. We couldn’t be happier with the quality of the work they’ve done and especially with the wonderful care and attention they’ve shown us throughout the experience. We are so grateful to have chosen Wills and Wellness as a partner in this process.
“Kim made the estate planning process, which felt like it could be a grim discussion, an enjoyable and life-affirming one.”
Kristen & Dusty Blackburn “We had a wonderful experience at Wills and Wellness. This was our first experience dealing with a legal matter and Kim made it very comfortable and very easy to navigate. We loved how family friendly their office was also. We will definitely use them for all of our future legal needs.”
Jeff & Kristen Deffenbaugh “Wills & Wellness expertly provided my husband and I the tools we needed to plan for our family’s future. With their care and guidance we have been able to navigate the confusing world of estate planning and trusts with confidence. We never could have done all of this without you, thank you!”
Annette & Richard Troncoso “The attorneys at Bowles and Ruddell are well informed, insightful and helpful. Their friendly staff is quick to respond and assist. My husband and I are very pleased.”
Doug & Deanna Benzenburg “They take care of you as if you are family.”
Michael & Rose Ann Shay “The firm made the process very easy.”
Kim Konkel “I was 100% satisfied through the entire process.  My questions were always answered promptly, never once did I feel like an imposition.  I also was made to feel as though EVERYONE in the firm had my best interests in mind and are truly passionate about getting these plans in place for people to avoid headaches for loved ones after passing.”
Kelsey & Jeremy Aiken “Everyone at Wills & Wellness was very helpful.  Going into this, not really knowing anything about estate planning, they were very informative and patient with us.  They walked us through all the different options and helped guide us to the options that were best for my family’s situation.  We never felt rushed or pressured into anything and feel like we have a great plan for our family.  Could not be happier with the level of service they provide.”
Matt & Ann Collier “Our experience with W&W was amazing.  Kim R & Kim J were always very attentive to our needs and understood our goals for our end of life care for our daughter! From start to finish we were comfortable with them and trusted that they would setup our Wills & Trusts the right way so we wouldn’t have to worry in the future! I would recommend W&W to anyone, and already have!!”
Jim & Mike Rodriguez “It was not easy to think about the possibility that something might happen to us and that our daughter might grow up without us.  However remote that possibility is, we felt much better after we took the steps to insure that she would be cared for by loving friends and family; and that whatever assets we have would go directly to her instead of being mired in the legal probate system.  Kim and the other attorneys at Wills and Wellness had the answers to our questions and a system in place to provide the safety and security we needed for our daughter. Highly recommend them to all parents who want to be sure that the tragedy of having their children grow up without them is not compounded by those children having to deal with a rigid and uncaring legal system.”
Betsey & Brian Bucca “We felt super comfortable during the whole process. Wills and Wellness staff were welcoming, understanding and professional.”
Donya & Brian Hnath “Thank you everyone at Wills and Wellness for helping us through this process. We feel so grateful for you all in making this a fantastic experience, one we have dreaded for quite some time.  If we only knew it could be this painless!  It is a relief knowing that our assets are in good hands.  Thank you again!”
Kim Foos “A few years ago I had a will prepared, but never felt comfortable with the end product.  I seemed to have many questions that were left unanswered.  After meeting with Melissa at Wills and Wellness, I was able to design my will with all of my concerns being addressed and understood.  I felt very comfortable to inquire on what I thought may be unusual circumstances and maybe silly questions, but was assured that each concern was vital, because it was important to me.  I am so happy with the outcome of my will and know that Melissa and W&W is available for any further questions or adjustments to my will moving forward.”
Rachel & Justin Riley “My wife and have a priceless peace of mind for our family. This was the most epic experience ever. Thanks to the W&W team.”
Brian & Jenny Baumgardner “Everyone at Wills and Wellness are very kind and easy to work with. I felt comfortable and informed at every step of the process.”
Serenity & Eban Bell “Although this process is not an easy process, the ladies at Wills and Wellness really make it easier.”
Sarah & Jared Wood “We were so pleased with how quick and easy it was to get our new Trust documents set up. We had many questions regarding creating a new trust that added my husband and we were very impressed by Melissa’s patience to answer all of our questions. Thank you so much Melissa for all your time and help!”
Karen & Nick Schaefer “We knew very little about establishing a family trust when we first met with Kim at Wills and Wellness. She was very patient with us as we learned along the way. We are happy to tell people that working with everyone at Wills and Wellness was a great experience.”
Lisa & Luke Rodgers “I really appreciated how low key it was. There was never pressure to make decisions and always respect for how emotional it is to draft these kinds of documents. I had put off having wills and whatnot drafted because I thought it would be overwhelming in a variety of ways. After our initial consultation I felt completely relieved and a few months later, we’re done!”
Sean & Erin Benderly “We were so happy with Kim and Wills and Wellness!  They did a great job with everything.”
Alexandra & Richard Haas “Kim made the whole experience as painless as possible, but still made sure we were clear about our decisions every step of the way. I feel almost foolish for waiting so long to take care of this when it ended up being so easy!”
Carolyn & Bill Hinkley “After surviving cancer, this process became ever more important to us. Without Bonnie having given a talk at our church a year ago, I might not have thought to do estate planning. Thankfully, she did and what she presented made absolute sense for our family. Now having signed our documents, I feel such a sense of relief. I thank Bonnie and the entire team for making it happen.”
Eric & Cheryl Fried “We decided to come all the way from Fort Collins because there’s no one like you up here. You remember the human element so many suits forget.”
Patricia & Andy Colella “We loved how Wills and Wellness is family focused and even has a play space in the office for those times when you have to bring the little ones along!  We really appreciated the attention to detail and how everything has already been thought of for you.  When tackling such heavy subject matter, it feels really good knowing you have a team of professionals there to walk you through it.”
Rachael & Steve Snyder “Working with Bonnie and Wills & Wellness was a great experience for such an unpleasant topic in life. With Bonnie’s help we were able to consider the best option for our children if something were to happen to my husband and I. We now feel safe knowing that our children will be well taken care of without the possibility of going through the court system.  We are so grateful for all her knowledge and patience with us as we made these important decisions. We will refer Bonnie and Wills & Wellness to all of our friends!”
Melanie & Cory Pinel “The entire process was painless and we felt very welcome and well informed the entire time.  It’s unpleasant, but necessary material to discuss and consider – we were expertly guided.”
Karri & Matt Granger “I have so much peace of mind knowing that every single thing is taken care of for our daughter – and so organized.  Thank you so much!”
Brian & Erin Jessee “The planning process was incredibly easy and quick.  We were surprised that everything went so smoothly.  Kim did such a great job of explaining everything.  We would recommend Wills and Wellness to anyone with estate planning needs.”
Jackie & Caleb Pearson “Thank you so much for your help in setting up our estate and giving me peace of mind. I loved how comfortable you made us feel with our decisions and the help you can provide to our fiduciaries when they need it.”
Dawn & Casey Lems “Kim was very easy to work with and we now know that our little girl will be taken care of the way that we wish should anything happen to us.”
Kristen & Brian Olsen “Wills and Wellness was fun and easy to work with. We feel more prepared and confident now that we’ve established a will and trust for our family.”
Kim & Chris Yuan-Farrell “Kim, Chad, and all of the staff members at Wills and Wellness are kind, courteous and knowledgeable. We had a wonderful experience walking through all of the options for our growing family. We found it important to work with trustworthy, honest, and relatable professionals – Wills and Wellness provided that and more.”
Patricia Williams “I was very pleased with the service I received from Wills and Wellness, starting with the free informational session which really gives you a great perspective of what you need to do for your family.”
Jennifer & Tom Grannas “We had a great experience working with Chad.  He easily answered all of our questions and made the planning process as easy as possible.  We would highly recommend Wills & Wellness for all of your estate planning needs.”
Carrie & Jonathan Nelson “We were treated with respect and, most importantly, patience. It was a great experience.”
Rachel & Mike Levine “Wonderful experience.  Never felt rushed, Kim explained everything to us and addressed all our questions and concerns.”
S. Anne Hendricks “Very easy and straightforward. The people. Emily was warm and welcoming, and I felt like I’d found a new friend in Chad. I never felt rushed or pressured.”