Getting Started

If you would like us to contact you to discuss your estate planning needs, please let us know by filling out the form below and we’ll be in touch with you shortly. We look forward to meeting you!

The Estate Planning Process

1. Attend a Free Estate Planning Educational Talk

We help educate you about all things estate planning by introducing you to our fictional family, The Peace Family, who goes through five big life events during the webinar. We admit that this can be a boring or heavy topic so we keep it light and entertaining as much as possible.

By attending a free educational webinar, you’ll gain a broad understanding of the estate planning process and our fee schedule so you can choose the best plan for your family.


2. Schedule Your Estate Plan Design Meeting

We schedule appointments Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm. We block off two hours for your Estate Plan Design Meeting, and we’ll take as much of this time as necessary to ensure we fully understand your desires and you fully understand your options.


3. Prepare for Your Estate Plan Design Meeting

You’ll receive a Welcome Email once you schedule your Design Meeting, which includes great information on how we serve our clients, who we are, our firm philosophy, and our fee schedule.

Your Welcome Email also includes important homework – your “Family Profile” – an online secure form to complete ahead of your meeting. This allows your Attorney to make the best of your time together, to know your goals and concerns, and to be prepared to address all your questions.


4. Attend Your Estate Plan Design Meeting

During your Design Meeting, your Attorney will give you a clear roadmap if something were to happen today, including various “what-if” scenarios. We’ll follow that with an easy-to-understand plan for a more desirable outcome for your family that involves more certainty and less court involvement.

We ask all the detailed questions you might not even know to ask so that we can tailor your plan specifically for you. Our most common feedback from clients is that we uncover every stone and ask questions you wouldn’t have even known to ask.


5. Finalize Your Details and Attend Your Signing Ceremony

Following your Design Meeting, we’ll send you a summary of your estate plan design selections via our secure client vault. Nothing you decide on at the Design Meeting is set in stone – this allows you further time to consider your selections and talk to family members and loved ones. We know these decisions are important, so we want to ensure you have plenty of time to consider all selections before we draft the legal documents for your signature. After you’ve reviewed and approved all estate plan design selections, your Attorney will draft your plan, which you will sign about four weeks after your Design Meeting.

At your Signing Ceremony, your Attorney will review all the legal documents one-by-one and answer all of your questions.


6. Make Asset Updates and Attend Your Legacy Meeting

Following the signing of your estate plan you typically need to make title updates and beneficiary updates. Your Attorney will review these steps in detail during your Signing Ceremony and then you can begin making the necessary updates.

And at your Legacy Meeting, we’ll present your binder that holds all your estate planning documents. In addition to the legal documents, we compile a number educational and legacy-related documents to guide the many “fiduciaries” (key people) in your plan.

We also provide Legacy Letters for you to capture in writing your insights, values, stories, and experiences. Our Legacy Letters are resources we’ve created to help guide you in thinking through the intangible values, thoughts, and stories you would like to pass to your children and fiduciaries.

Also, we will record your Legacy Video where you can verbalize on video your memories, stories, or values.


7. Membership and Maintenance

Your Legacy Meeting isn’t the last time we’ll talk. We value relationships with our clients and we regularly communicate with clients and look forward to a lasting relationship with you. We go over the details of Client Membership at your Legacy Meeting.