How We’re Different

At Wills & Wellness, we focus on the fact your family will grow and change. Our emphasis is on planning for exciting and inevitable life changes, not just what happens when you pass away.

Many estate planning lawyers focus only on what happens at death. You might be familiar with the traditional experience: you have an attorney draft your estate plan—it’s presented in a nice leather binder—you put it away in a safe deposit box—it gathers dust over the years—you vaguely recall having to update beneficiaries but never get around to it—and 10 years pass without you thinking about it again.

During those 10 years, life changes. You’ll have more children, buy a new house, grow your retirement account, take out a new life insurance policy, and buy the log cabin in the mountains you’ve always dreamed of. Essentially, you’ll outgrow your estate plan.

That’s why we work to build ongoing relationships with clients instead of a one-time transaction. We openly and happily communicate with clients about any and all of their estate planning questions as they go through life.

Our estate plans also help you capture what’s most important to you and your family—who you are as a person—your values, insights, stories, and experiences you want to share with your loved ones. We believe memorializing and communicating your legacy is an important yet often overlooked component of estate planning.