We love each other, we live together, but we’re not married. What happens if one of us dies without a will?

Two reasons why it’s a good idea to have a will, even if you’re not married   You’re in love. It doesn’t matter if you have a piece of paper to prove it, right?    Yes, however, that sentiment wouldn’t hold up in court, especially when your other half is up against family members in the event of your death. Continue Reading →

Power of Attorney 101

All you need to know about Power of Attorney in Estate Planning   Power of Attorney: Legal Words You Need to Know   Principal: If it’s your estate plan, you’re the principal when it comes to the Power of Attorney document.   Agent or Attorney-in-Fact: the person you are naming as your Power of Attorney   Incapacitated: When a person Continue Reading →

Three Ways to Leave Your Adult Child an Inheritance

“Say not you know another entirely till you have divided an inheritance with him.” -Johann Kaspar Lavater   Leaving money to the family—especially your children if they’re financially irresponsible—is different than a business transaction. It’s chock full of emotion, and if you don’t plan carefully, heated arguments may ensue which could squander your hard-earned money in the process.  Good thing Continue Reading →

Legacy Planning: Discover and Preserve Your Family’s History

When you hear the word ‘legacy,’ what comes to mind?   For some, maybe it means becoming famous or well-known for your contributions to the world, even if just to your family or immediate community. For others, it may mean building wealth that will surpass your lifetime. Others may think of close family connections and ancestry. If you’re thinking of Continue Reading →