Legacy Planning Services

We believe memorializing your legacy is the most important piece to your estate plan, but we found it’s neglected in most plans. Too many attorneys focus only on a family’s financial assets, but your legacy is much more than your tangible property. That’s why we believe your estate plan should incorporate more than just a binder of legal documents. We have made it a point to incorporate legacy planning into all of our plans.

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Legacy Planning Services

All of our estate plans include legacy letters, allowing you to communicate any personal advice and guidance that you would like to leave children, guardians, medical powers of attorney, trustees or personal representatives. These letters are crafted to help you compose your values and advice in a meaningful way. In addition to providing all clients with legacy letters, we will record a video of your thoughts and stories for friends and family.

We also partner with other professionals to offer the following services to our clients:

Legacy Consulting

Have you ever reflected on your legacy — what have we inherited, the impact we have every day, and what will endure beyond our lifetimes? In legacy consulting, a Legacy Architect will walk you through an interactive and discovery process to help you begin planning the best way to communicate your life, legacy, and wishes.

Funeral Pre-Planning

Few of us are prepared for the death of someone we love. Those left behind struggle with many difficult questions: What type of funeral service would my loved one want? What arrangements can our family afford? The purpose of a Pre-Arranged Funeral Plan is to help with these important decisions. Counselors can help guide you through the process of planning and funding a funeral.

Genealogy Mapping

Do you know your family history? Research has shown, “Children show higher levels of emotional well-being if they know stories about relatives who came before them…[because] family stories provide a sense of identity through time, and help children understand who they are in the world.” We partner with professional personal historians to help you discover your family heritage.

Legacy Documentary

A videographer will produce a documentary of your loved ones life through extensive interviews with them, their family members, and the many others whom they have impacted along the way. This is a great gift for parents or grandparents, as it will uncover and memorialize defining stories to create a lasting memory of their life.

Digital Legacy Website

We will build a custom Family Website complete with family history, a navigable family tree with bios, family stories, words of wisdom, videos, and pictures. It’s easy for all family members to contribute to the site as life changes and new stories are written. It can be a great gift for your next family reunion.

Family Meeting Facilitator

Counselors will help facilitate a family meeting with your professional advisors and beneficiaries, so that your wishes are clearly communicated and understood by all. This provides an open setting for people to dialogue, ask questions, and share thoughts.