Legacy Consulting

Have you ever reflected on your legacy — what have we inherited, the impact we have every day, and what will endure beyond our lifetimes?

Facilitated Legacy Video

Embark on a 90-minute session where a legacy architect will ask a number of targeted legacy-focused questions to draw out and identify central themes you would like to focus on in a recording to friends and family (e.g. faith, family, personal history, ethical ideals and practices, etc.) You will end with an outline of things to cover in the video, and you can record your legacy video in our office at your convenience. It’s a professionally guided reflection to identify the most poignant themes to convey to heirs in a Legacy Video.

Legacy Coaching

Legacy coaching is a professionally guided journey to identify, articulate, and integrate your highest held values into your life in a way that resonates, reflects and endures. The process begins with written questions on both a personal and philosophical level to initiate your thoughts on legacy. You will then meet with a legacy architect over a few months to begin translating your ideas into plans, which will be compiled into a Legacy Toolkit – a personalized agenda for how to transmit your values and guiding principles within your sphere of influence.

Legacy Design

This is an in-depth customized experience to establish, examine, and refine legacy goals. You will then design a road-map for how to achieve those goals. This 3-stage process concludes with a legacy retreat where you will engage in a series of structured exercises focused on clarifying and prioritizing your personal values, motivations, and ideals. You will develop the language to articulate critical messages for life-partners, children, grandchildren, mentee’s, potential beneficiaries, etc. The final outcome of the months long process is to design a Personalized Legacy Roadmap that incorporates your seminal life-goals, values-based priorities, and a focused vision of your personal legacy.