Our Story

Before starting Wills & Wellness, both Bonnie and Kim began their careers in litigation, and their experiences were strikingly similar: adversarial – not focused on the resolution – maximizing hourly billing – and one-time transactions for clients who were effectively backed into a corner.

Bonnie & Kim went to law school with the dream of building lifelong connections with clients as their trusted advisor, however they found a huge disconnect between their dream and reality. Work boiled down to transactional, one-time relationships.

Thus, Bonnie & Kim started their own firms in 2012, and they joined forces in 2014. It has blossomed into serving hundreds of families each year.

Our firm is family-focused and responsive to clients. When clients need to communicate with us, we are here to help, not to bill, and we want clients to feel comfortable calling and emailing.

Most importantly, we don’t view your plan as a one-time transaction. We view the signing of your estate plan as only the beginning of a lifetime relationship.

While you could purchase the documents we prepare in a bookstore, the documents are not the focus of our relationship. They are merely the byproduct. Our focus is helping you make the best legal decisions for your family, both now and in the future. You can have peace of mind that we are here if something happens.

We hope to meet you soon to become your trusted advisors!