Genealogy Mapping

Did you know that knowing about one’s family history has been proven to be a powerful tool to help children cope in today’s world? In an Emory University study published in the Journal of Family Life, it was documented, “Children show higher levels of emotional well-being if they know stories about relatives who came before them…[because] family stories provide a sense of identity through time, and help children understand who they are in the world.”

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Getting started with family history research can be fun and addicting! There are many tools and resources online that the search can literally begin in your armchair in your pajamas. Having a basic foundation in the knowledge and methods to get started will help maximize your success in discovering new information about your family.

DNA Testing & Interpretation:

Modern technology and science are making family connections possible with DNA testing in the fast-growing field of genetic genealogy. Often decades-old brick walls that cannot be solved with traditional research alone are being toppled by the submission of a saliva sample in a test tube. The possibility of connecting with genetic cousins or learning more about one’s ethnic roots has attracted nearly 4 million people to DNA test in just the last 5 years. Have you thought about what your DNA might tell you?

Family Research:

Do you have a famous (or infamous) character somewhere in your family tree? Do you know the stories of your heritage, culture and traditions? Would you like to put names to the faces in that old album of unidentified photos?  It’s all about discovering, sharing and celebrating the lives of those who came before us, who made us uniquely who we are today