Genealogy Workshop

Introduction to Genealogy Workshop

Are you curious about tracing your roots and learning more about the ancestors in your family tree? The popularity of genealogy as a hobby has exploded due to the ease of researching online and because of TV shows that illustrate how fun and addicting it can be. Add modern science to the equation with DNA testing, and you can discover amazing things about yourself!

Learn how to get started and explore the many benefits of this hobby – from connecting with DNA cousins to discovering your family’s origins. The presentation will provide an overview of combining your traditional genealogy research, DNA results, family photos and stories to create your own unique micro-history that can be preserved for future generations.

Speaker: Deena Darst Coutant

DigiDeena Headshots and LogosWills & Wellness client & family heritage specialist Deena Coutant is passionate about creating family legacies that connect the past, present and future generations, through stories, photos, research, or by uncovering the DNA of those ancestors who were previously lost to history. She combines her skills as a full-time professional researcher, genetic genealogist, and photo organizer to offer unique services through her company, DigiDeena Family Heritage Solutions. She provides education and strategies to help her clients successfully discover, celebrate, share and properly preserve their families’ memories. For more information, visit