We love each other, we live together, but we’re not married. What happens if one of us dies without a will?

Two reasons why it’s a good idea to have a will, even if you’re not married.   You’re in love. It doesn’t matter if you have a piece of paper to prove it, right?    Yes, however, that sentiment wouldn’t hold up in court, especially when your other half is up against family members in the event of your death. Continue Reading →

Power of Attorney 101

All you need to know about Power of Attorney in Estate Planning   Power of Attorney: Legal Words You Need to Know   Principal: If it’s your estate plan, you’re the principal when it comes to the Power of Attorney document.   Agent or Attorney-in-Fact: the person you are naming as your Power of Attorney   Incapacitated: When a person Continue Reading →

Estate Planning Opportunities During a Bad Market

Each passing day can be more stressful than the last. As these uncertain times continue to progress, we continue to dream of the days past where the future and our estates were more concrete. While we continue to adapt our social lives to the coming changes, what about your financial stability? Perhaps you wrote your will before these changes happened, Continue Reading →

The Color Psychic

Each month, Wills & Wellness likes to highlight some of our existing clients and their work. Read all about Jennifer Comforts’ business below. Before After   I love helping people love their homes! Our homes are an important extension of who we are. They are our safe place to land, our spot to rejuvenate, the place we gather with those Continue Reading →


Everyone has heard of wills and trusts. Most articles written on these topics, however, often presume that everyone knows the basics of these important documents. But, in reality, many of us don’t – and with good reason – as they’re rooted in complicated, centuries-old law. Let’s face it, if you’re not an estate planning attorney, these concepts tend to remain Continue Reading →