The Color Psychic

Each month, Wills & Wellness likes to highlight some of our existing clients and their work. Read all about Jennifer Comforts’ business below.





I love helping people love their homes!

Our homes are an important extension of who we are. They are our safe place to land, our spot to rejuvenate, the place we gather with those we love and so much more! A home we love is vital to our health and well-being. Jennifer Comfort wants to help you turn your house into the space you have dreamed – in an easy, fun and approachable way.

Jennifer Comfort was born an artist. From the time she was little, she knew that art was her calling. But when they asked her what kind of artist she wanted to be at art school, she faltered. Wasn’t being an artist enough??? Through many years of soul searching, Jennifer discovered that her true love was using her creativity to help people love their homes. It started with paint colors, then slowly all other aspects of creating the perfect nest followed. It was a match made in heaven, and now, fourteen years later, Jennifer still can’t believe she gets paid to do what she adores!

Who is The Color Psychic??? This is the nickname that Jennifer has been given by several clients. Most of her work is intuitive. She takes time to meet with the homeowner at the beginning of every appointment to find out who they are and what will work best for them. She listens to what the client is looking for, what they like/dislike and from there puts together the ideal palette. A lot of times the perfect colors/solutions will come to her and then she just has to find them. Since no two people are alike, each consultation is different, and is geared totally to you!

Jennifer’s current services include paint consultation, design collaboration, de-cluttering, redecorating and repurposing, architectural finish consultation and artwork consultation. Her main goal is to have you love your home!

Jennifer Comfort
The Color Psychic