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We are an estate planning and elder law planning law firm serving Colorado, Texas, and New Mexico—but we’re not your typical attorneys.

You might be familiar with this traditional experience.

You have an attorney draft your documents—Last Will & Testament, Revocable Living Trust, Durable Power of Attorney, Living Will, Medical Power of Attorney. It sounds comprehensive and it’s presented in a nice leather binder. You were billed hourly and the amount of the bill surprised you. You put your plan away in a safe deposit box, you vaguely recall having to update beneficiaries but never get around to it, and 20 years pass without you thinking about it again.

When something happens, no one can find your plan because it’s in that safe deposit box no one has a key to. Once your family finally figures out how to get into it, they learn your plan is so outdated it doesn’t begin to help deal with the assets you owned at passing (many of which you likely didn’t own when your attorney drafted the plan). Your old plan actually causes problems that only can be resolved in probate court by a judge who’s a stranger to your family and yourself.

It dawns on your loved ones that it’s worse having a 20-year old plan than having no plan at all.

Is this really true?

Sadly, yes. It has happened in our families and our clients’ families. We help pick up the pieces, but none of our clients have ever said probate was “easy” or that they’d want to do it again. This is not the experience you will have with us.

We help you prepare and plan for the exciting and inevitable changes in your life. You’ll have more children, buy a new house, grow your retirement account, or take out a new life insurance policy. Due to life’s experiences alone, you will outgrow your estate plan.

We make these commitments to our clients:

  • We do everything on a flat fee basis, agreed to in advance.
  • We help you proactively create a plan. If you plan ahead, you have a multitude of options to make the future smooth and predictable for your family.
  • We value relationships with our clients. Your family will grow and change, you’ll acquire more assets, and key people listed in your plan will have life changes. We stay in touch with you and help ensure your plan is maintained over time to keep up with life’s inevitable changes.

And we help in key areas of your life:

  • Guardianship: What about short-term emergencies? What if you name a couple as guardian but they later get divorced? We help you understand why a will isn’t the right place for guardianship.
  • Will and Trust Planning: Who gets what, under what conditions? How can you avoid the probate court? What if minor children are named as beneficiaries?
  • Legacy Planning: Capture your insights, values, stories, and experiences to pass down to your children and grandchildren.
  • Non-Traditional Planning: You don’t have to be married to your partner to enjoy basic estate planning protections. You just have to plan ahead with a trusted attorney.
  • Incapacity Planning: You’re ill or injured and need assistance keeping up with financial obligations and making medical decisions. The probate judge (a stranger) decides who helps unless you plan ahead.
  • Elder Law and Medicaid Planning: How can you protect your hard-earned assets from depletion from crippling long-term care costs? We help tip-toe and plan through this regulation-heavy area of estate planning.
  • Pet Guardianship: Your four-legged friends are like family – We can help protect them, too!
  • Special Needs Planning: A special needs child can get the best of both worlds – public benefits plus their inheritance. Without an estate plan, they’d have to choose between the two.
  • Trust Administration: We work closely with families who experience the loss of a loved one to navigate the process and feel comfortable.

At Wills & Wellness we’ve built a model that departs from the norm in estate planning law firms. It’s our mission to always provide more in value than what you pay. Our clients are our priority and become lifelong friends!