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Free Estate Planning Talks

We host free estate planning educational talks around the Denver metro area.

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Building personalized estate plans or administering estate plans is our expertise.

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With office locations around the city, we look forward to meeting you at an office near you.

Meet Our Team
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The team at Wills & Wellness looks forward to working with you.

How We’re Different
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We’re not bill-by-the-hour attorneys and we’re not your traditional law firm.

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Download one of many free educational reports.

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We believe memorializing your legacy is the most important piece of your estate plan.

W&W Workshops

We host educational & estate planning workshops for our client family.

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Let’s get you on the calendar for your estate appointment. We’ll be in touch right away!


Welcome! Wills & Wellness is an estate planning and elder law planning law firm serving Colorado, Texas, and New Mexico. A little about our firm:

  • We do everything on a flat fee basis, agreed to in advance.
  • We help you proactively create a plan. If you plan ahead, you have a multitude of options to make the future predictable for your family.
  • We value relationships with our clients. Your family will grow and change, you’ll acquire more assets, and key people listed in your plan will have life changes. We stay in touch with you and help ensure your plan is maintained over time to keep up with life’s inevitable changes.

And we help in key areas of your life:

  • Guardianship: What about short-term emergencies? What if you name a couple as guardian, but they later get divorced?
  • Will and Trust Planning: Who gets what, under what conditions? How can you avoid the probate court? What if minor children are named as beneficiaries?
  • Legacy Planning: Capture your insights, values, stories, and experiences to pass down to your children and grandchildren.
  • Non-Traditional Planning: You don’t have to be married to enjoy basic estate planning protections.
  • Incapacity Planning: If you’re ill or injured you may need assistance keeping up with financial obligations or making medical decisions.
  • Elder Law and Medicaid Planning: How can you protect your hard-earned assets from long-term care costs?
  • Pet Guardianship: Your four-legged friends are like family – We can help protect them, too!
  • Special Needs Planning: A special needs child can get the best of both worlds – public benefits plus their inheritance.
  • Estate Administration: We work closely with families who experience the loss of a loved one to navigate through the process.