Denver Estate Planning & Administration

At Wills & Wellness Estate Planning, our experienced attorney does one thing and one thing extremely well: Estate Planning and Administration. It’s our expertise. It’s our specialty.

We believe in personalized, client-driven service, and we value relationships with every family or individual we work with. In other words, we refuse to let our clients get lost in the files of a cold, corporate law firm. We treat all clients with warmth and mutual respect, making the process of meeting with an attorney as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

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Because we know your family is the most important thing to you, we’ve made estate planning a friendly and approachable topic, not a scary or morbid one. We take your time seriously and we want you to feel comfortable and fully educated from start to finish. We know that proactive estate planning is a selfless act for your family, so it’s our goal to help you achieve a greater peace of mind by working with our firm.


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We love to help families with upfront planning, however, at some point every plan needs to be administered. When a loved one passes way, the legal process can seem overwhelming and unfamiliar. Whether it’s administering a will or a trust, we will help you navigate the process and assist you in all of your questions. We are here to help you during a difficult time and make the process as smooth as possible.