Wills & Wellness: Estate Planning for ALL Families

By Sarah Roisman

Maya Angelou, the Dalai Lama, and even the Pope recently announced their support for marriage equality. These three influential leaders have aligned themselves with the nineteen states offering same-sex marriage, the six states with same sex civil unions, the two states that broadened the concept of domestic partnerships granting the same rights as unmarried couples to same sex partners, and the three states and the District of Columbia that provide limited domestic partnership rights, with some spousal rights, to unmarried couples. This paradigm shift is shaped and supported by some of the most respected world leaders and support for same-sex marriage has grown tremendously just ten years after Massachusetts granted its first marriage license on May 17, 2004.

In June 2013, the Supreme Court found section 3 of DOMA, the law banning same-sex marriages, unconstitutional. Not only will this day be celebrated by the many leaders who fought tirelessly to change this discriminatory and outdated policy, but it will also greatly alter the practices of many attorneys looking to help same-sex couples with their legal needs.

There are many ways for young families and married couples to prepare for the future. This includes health and wellness, financial planning, and estate planning. Some may be put off by the idea of writing a will, creating a trust, or putting in place a protection plan for their children because of fear or denial. However, the estate planning team at Wills & Wellness has seen time and time again that once a plan is in place, the fear is likely to subside. Nowadays with probate, estate taxes, and strict laws resulting in children entering child protective services when such plans are not in place, estate planning is critical in removing any unnecessary stress and hardship during the grieving period.

Wills & Wellness is an estate planning law firm, open to serving ALL families. They focus on making sure the necessary documents are in place for families to avoid probate and family chaos and to provide for the security of their children during a time of need. Wills & Wellness works not only to encapsulate the important details of your family’s financial security, they also help families prepare letters for their children, their children’s guardian, and secure guardianship for their pets. Among many other heirlooms and personal touches, Wills & Wellness makes it a priority for parents to create roadmaps for their children, which helps remove the fear from estate planning.

Wills & Wellness makes this process inviting by fostering an environment that’s kid friendly, and making sure their clients make educated choices. And, there is no shortage of humor in the office, which clients add to on a daily basis!

The Wills & Wellness team is here to serve ALL who wish to put plans in place and has been welcoming diversity since is origin in 2012. Please come join us for a free talk around town or a consultation at our office in the Highlands.