Peace of Mind in Paradise

“the importance of recognizing one’s own mortality”   We recently surprised my mother-in-law, Shoba, for her 70th birthday by arranging an all-inclusive vacation to Mexico for the whole family. She is a traveler at heart and always has big ideas for what we will do with our time together. She began planning immediately. “Okay, Sara,” she began as she always Continue Reading →

Challenge a will at your own risk

When it comes to executing a will, many people worry unnecessarily that their will might be contested. In fact, wills are seldom contested and even when they are, challenges rarely succeed. And before most challenges are filed, the beneficiary has to think long and hard about whether bringing a challenge is worth it—because if a will is properly drafted it Continue Reading →

Introducing Attorney Kim Ruddell – the newest member of the Wills & Wellness Team

Kim Ruddell: I am a Personal Family Lawyer and Mom of Two and I absolutely LOVE what I do. Helping families ensure that their loved ones are adequately protected is my passion and I feel so lucky to be able to guide my clients through the process.My hope is to build long-lasting relationships and friendships with my clients and to Continue Reading →