The Importance of Legacy Planning

Planning your estate and planning your legacy may correlate in some aspects, but are, at their core, entirely different. Planning your legacy is creating a memorable image of yourself that will last for future generations. Think of it this way—leaving behind a legacy is just like writing a book. It’s creating your story for others to read and reflect. 

Estate planning focuses more on the financial aspect of your estate—not the personal side. What about you and your wishes? That is what legacy planning is all about. Are there messages, letters you want to leave behind for your family and loved ones? Perhaps even establishing a trust that’s customized to what you want. The possibilities are endless. 

Planning your legacy is important because it can be the guide for your loved ones to help them view their life through your eyes. By planning your legacy, you can control how your family and loved ones use your estate and decide where you want your wealth to go.

How We Set Ourselves Apart

Attorneys that work on legacy plans typically only cover the basics such as drafting a letter, establishing a trust, and setting up a donation channel for charities that you wish to continue to support after your passing. While these are important, they don’t quite capture the human element that is the sole purpose of a legacy plan. You want to write your own memorable story. With that in mind, at Wills & Wellness, we focus on a more extensive array of services to plan an unforgettable legacy for you to leave behind.  

  • Legacy Consulting
  • Funeral Pre-Planning
  • Genealogy Mapping
  • Legacy Documentary
  • Digital Legacy Website
  • Family Meeting Facilitator

These are just some of the legacy planning services we provide to ensure that the human element is forefront. We include the basics as well with legacy letters, allowing you to communicate any personal advice and guidance you may have for your children, family members, or guardians. Just being handed part of an estate can be overwhelming for the receiver, so creating these letters is essential.

Video recordings can be more beneficial to tell your story by conveying emotion and the weight of your words through your voice rather than in writing. That is why we also record a video of your thoughts to pair with your letters. 

I cannot stress enough just how important the human element is to us when planning your legacy, which is why we believe in offering consultations, family facilitators, and funeral pre-planning to ease the burden from your family and loved ones. 

Leaving Behind Your Legacy

Genealogy mapping serves its purpose to learn about your family’s roots to create a documentary or website to convey your life story and create lasting memories in the hearts and minds of your family. 

While you don’t need every service to ensure the success of your legacy, it is crucial to start thinking about it today and consider what you want your family to remember. 

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