No. 1 in Our Series: Welcome to Wills & Wellness

Congratulations! You’ve finally made the decision to come in and meet with our firm to learn more about guardianship and estate planning. We know it wasn’t easy getting to this point. You are doing the right thing in learning about why an estate plan for your family is truly essential. (And how having one gives you an even deeper peace of mind.)

You might wonder what happens next and what it feels like to come in and sit down with an attorney at Wills & Wellness. We’ll go over each step here so that you feel comfortable knowing exactly what to expect. We have a feeling that you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how comfortable we aim to make you feel as you go through the process of dealing with somewhat uncomfortable topics. Let’s go!

1. Setting up a Family Wealth Planning Session

Just call me, Kim Johnson (Client Services Director), at 720-266-8190 to inquire about our upcoming availability. I can also be reached by email at When thinking about dates to come in, please note that in order to best serve you, look for dates that are about 2 weeks out from today’s date. This will allow everyone ample time to prepare for your session. Our firm holds appointments Monday through Friday during the hours of 9am – 5pm. Our last Family Wealth Planning Session of the day begins at 3pm. Appointments typically take about 1 – 2 hours depending on your experience level and familiarity with estate planning, financial or family complexity, how many questions you have, or a myriad of other factors. We will hold open a full 2 hours for you – whether you use it or not is up to you!

2. How to Prepare for your Appointment

Once you set an appointment, we will mail you a Pre-Meeting Package to complete and return to us ahead of your scheduled meeting. We ask that you kindly return the information to us at least 3 days before your Family Wealth Planning Session. If you need help filling out the information – we are just a phone call or email away. And, just do the best you can! This is a great exercise to get more organized than (perhaps) you have ever been before.

3. What to Expect at your Family Wealth Planning Session

When you come to our office, you will immediately notice that our firm is not like the rest. Check out this gallery to see how we bring color and life into our practice. You won’t see many leather bound books, cubicles, or three-piece suits around here. What you’ll see is a friendly, welcoming area that is meant to feel like your living room and dining room at home. We even have a children’s play area in case you need to bring your little ones. We also offer coffee, tea and light snacks during your meeting with our attorneys.

During your session, our attorneys will go over the packet that you had turned in ahead of your meeting. We will talk to you about various “what-if” scenarios, educate you on estate planning, and talk to you about how various financial assets can be protected (and what happens when they are left “exposed”). We’ll also talk to you about who we are, where we came from, and what makes us different. Then, we will give you our customized advice and suggestions on how to protect your family.

4. And then?

It’s up to you. We pride ourselves on being completely upfront with costs and fees as well as explaining our services in a low-pressure environment. You will receive all pricing information in your Pre-Meeting Package ahead of your Family Wealth Planning Session. Our packages range, depending on complex factors including your financial inventory, family dynamics and estate planning goals. At your consultation, your attorney will give you a customized cost based on your individual family story (and more). After you meet with us and learn more, you are able to then decide which level of planning you wish to pursue.

So come in and find out more! We would love to meet with you. What you don’t know can hurt you, so we hope that you will take some time to dive into this important aspect of complete wellness for your family. It’s something we can say with 100% surety that you will never regret having done. Get to know us!