Why a Will should be Free

“How Much Do You Charge for a Will?”

If you came to this page to find out what we’ll charge you for a Will or you are considering calling us (or any other attorney) to ask, “How much do you charge for a will?….Stop!

It’s not the right question.

The question you need an answer to first is “What do I really need to have in place to ensure that myself, my family, and my money are cared for the way I want?” Far too many people make their estate planning decisions based on what it’s going to cost. Sometimes, that may be the right criteria. Most of the time it’s not.

The problem is you don’t know what you don’t know.

When you get on the Internet to download a cheap will or fill out canned documents from a book or purchase a “DIY” kit from the office supply store, you don’t know what you are actually putting into place or setting in motion.

When tragedy strikes, it’s your family who is left holding the bag.

The result of your good intentions is usually a failed plan, unnecessary, expensive, totally public probate, multiple probates in different states, even the loss of sovereignty, on top of legal fees for guardianships and conservatorships, not to mention being at the mercy of the judicial system.

When you hire us, you aren’t paying for documents.

You are hiring us for guidance throughout your lifetime and to be there for your loved ones when you can’t be. You are hiring an ally who will help you get your affairs in order, even through the passing of time, changes in the law, evolving tax policies and simply life itself. When you call and ask how much it costs for a Will, we can’t give you an answer because we don’t even know if that’s what you need. Maybe a Will would suffice for your family, but maybe it won’t.  And if we tell you how much a Will costs and then you come into our office and you need more, you’ll be angry with us.

So we won’t answer your question. Because we don’t charge for Wills. We charge for advice, guidance, counsel and support. The Will? It’s free.

Our process begins with a Family Wealth Planning Session.  Before this Session, you will receive a package of information with homework for you to complete to make the very best use of your time with us.

Whether we ever write a Will (or any other documents) for you or not, we want every interaction of ours to be extremely valuable to you. To that end, we’ll review the homework you complete before we meet.  And then we’ll invest our time together exploring your life, looking at what would happen to you, your children, your money and the people you love if anything happens to you. You will feel heard, cared about, informed, educated and empowered to make the best decisions for the people and things that matter most in your life. If, after we spend that time together, it turns out you need a Will (or any other type of legal planning), it will be because we came to that conclusion together. Then, I will offer you planning packages that will cover the different options for taking care of things the way you want. We can tell you this – most of our foundational plans range between $2,000 and $10,000. Most families fall between the $4,000 – $6,000 range. Your package will be customized to the specific needs of your family. And, you will stay in control the whole time.

How do you choose a lawyer, if not based on price? Get referrals from your friends and family. When you call the office to inquire about their services, rather than asking what they charge, ask HOW they charge and what makes their office different from others. See who stands out in your area. Is there a lawyer who is frequently seen around your community? That lawyer means business and is putting their reputation on the line every day.

Get connected. When you find the right lawyer, he or she will be a member of your team for the long term, not for just this one transaction. Your lawyer should be approachable and not only want to be in a long-term relationship with you, but have systems and a team to support that.

Read this report. We’ve written a report on the common mistakes we see families make when choosing a lawyer for their loved ones. You can get it for free here

Simply asking, “What do you charge for a Will?” does not get you what you need to know to make a smart and loving decision for your family. A far more powerful question to begin with is “What do I need to do to make things as easy for my family as possible, if something happens to me?”

Please contact us to find out.

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