Why You Should Plan for Every Possible Estate Planning Scenario

Many things can happen in life, and it’s not always possible to plan for every scenario individually. Oftentimes, we never want to think about those what-if scenarios that deal with an untimely death.


These topics are tough to think about.


That’s why it’s best to frame it as a selfless decision. Thinking about every possible estate planning scenario and setting up a trust is beneficial for your children. Establishing a trust protects them in case of untimely incidents and ensures that they will receive an inheritance or any of your wishes without a problem. 


Misconceptions about Trusts

Many believe trusts are only for wealthy families, but in reality many middle class and lower-income families can benefit from setting up a trust to ensure their children and loved ones are taken care of.


Why it’s important to plan

Life happens and it’s better to be prepared than be taken by surprise. The founder of Wills and Wellness, Kim Ruddell, goes into detail about several different life scenarios in her latest on-demand videos to express how setting up a plan and/or a trust is beneficial to overcoming these tumultuous times. 


Did you know there are other protections you can set up for your children and loved ones other than financial assets in trusts? There are even estate planning instances when establishing short-term guardianship can be greatly beneficial to your children’s well-being. There are so many avenues and possibilities to explore for any kind of scenario in life to ensure the well-being of your family, whether you’re there or not.


But before you’re lost in a cloud of thought, let us come beside you to travel those unexplored roads of what-ifs with you, and help guide the way. There are too many estate-planning scenarios to list in a blog, which is why we encourage you to view our latest videos to learn more in detail about what possibilities you should account for when unexpected, untimely events may happen.


After viewing, give us a call and we’d be glad to take the next steps with you to ensure that your children and loved ones are protected and cared for now, and in the future.



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