Probate & Intergenerational Mediation

Litigation can be costly and ugly, especially in family matters such as disputes over estates. In estate disputes, litigation is the default approach for many attorneys and families, but we believe mediation is an underutilized tool that can help resolve estate and guardianship disputes in a more helpful manner.

Mediation is about understanding differences. It is talking through strengths and potential weaknesses of conflicting positions, and then working to come to an acceptable resolution the parties reach on their own. A trained mediator helps facilitate this process.

When it comes to probate or trust administration, elder care, guardianships and conservatorships, we understand that disputes arise. We also believe that partnering with a trained mediator to help resolve these disputes eliminates costly court proceedings, keeps the matter private, and is much more efficient than drawn-out lawsuits.

If you are seeking a mediation attorney in the Denver area, we are happy to help.