Estate Administration & Probate

Probate Options

We have designed our probate options to fit your level of need and care. Some families want legal help with the essentials only, while other desire a higher level of legal care. We designed our probate options to give you the most flexibility to match our services with your expectations.

If you would like to better understand the probate process, read more about it here.

We offer three probate packages:

Simple Probate Package

This package is designed for families who find they must go through the probate process but who do not need assistance with preparing an inventory and accounting of assets and a few other basics. We help you complete the essentials of the probate process and provide guidance on how to take care of the tangential items such as obtaining an estate tax identification number and opening an estate bank account. This package does not require any in-person meetings and everything is completed via phone and email, making the process the least time-consuming as possible for the family.

Standard Probate Package

This package includes all the Simple Probate Package services as well as an in-person attorney meeting and attorney services in preparing the estate inventory and accounting along with disclaimers and releases for distributions to beneficiaries. If you start with the Simple Probate Package and find that you need to upgrade the level of services to the Standard Probate Package, you can upgrade at any time.

Complete Probate Package

This package includes all the Standard Probate Package services along with attorney representation at the hearing for Final Settlement. A family might desire this hearing if the Personal Representative has any concern a potentially disgruntled beneficiary will make a claim months or years later that the Personal Representative did not do their job properly. The court will review all estate matters and make an adjudication affirmatively relieving the Personal Representative of any liability related to the handling of the estate. You can upgrade to the Complete Probate Package at any time.

You may also choose a few select a la carte services such as attorney negotiation with creditors or the preparation of deeds for the sale of real estate.

If you have any questions about the probate process in Colorado, please fill in the form below and we will contact you shortly. Or you are invited to call or email us at any time to talk more about your personal situation. We are pleased to help you during an admittedly difficult time.