4 Steps to Update your Short-Term Guardianship Document

“Did you know that Short-Term Guardianship Documents expire each year?”


  1. Mark your calendar
    • Add a task to your online calendar to repeat once a year and remind you to review your document. Wills & Wellness also emails our clients twice a year to remind them.
  2. Review your family information
    • Has your family grown this year? Remember to add the new guy (or girl) to your document and include their birth date.
  3. Review your guardians
    • Look over all the people you have named. Have they moved? Are there new neighbors across the street that you have become friends with? Make appropriate changes and make sure to include how your nominated guardians are related to you.
  4. Print, Sign and Notarize
    • Make sure to sign a printed copy the document in front of a notary to make sure it is legal.

“Make sure your children are in good hands if something should happen to you.”