Introducing the Jessee Family!

 The Jessee Family of 3!


Erin and Brian Jessee live in Littleton, CO with their five-month old daughter Brynn. They are also big animal lovers and consider their Labradoodle (Aspen) and their cat (Linus) as important members of their family! Linus was adopted from the Foothills Animal Shelter, an organization which the Jessees hold near and dear to their hearts and which they have been long-time supporters.

“We value love, respect, honesty, and hard work. We feel that these values are necessary in all aspects of life including family, friends, and careers.”

– Erin and Brian Jessee

The Jessee’s enjoy the proximity of their home to the mountains for quick weekend getaways, as well as to the thriving hustle and bustle of downtown Denver for a day out on the town. When they have the occasion to take one of those adventures up to the mountains to take advantage of the multitude of outdoor recreational activities available to us in Colorado, they enjoy spending time together as a family hiking, camping and skiing. In addition to exploring the great outdoors in the Rocky Mountains, the Jessee’s also enjoy traveling to places outside of our beautiful state – they love the adventure of learning about and seeing new places. The Jessee’s have made a great addition to the Wills & Wellness client family and we are proud to have been able to give them peace of mind through their estate plan!

And Adorable Brynn Makes Three!


The Jessee’s truly value their time together as a new family of three. Their goal is to establish a solid family foundation and want Brynn to be able to enjoy the stability of a strong family bond. They would define a successful family relationship as when each person can have love and respect for everyone else, and time spent together is enjoyable for all members of the family.