Successfully Social Coaches Quirky Kids

“Quirky kids.” We all know at least one. Some kids’ quirks are endearing and cute, but others keep them on the outskirts of the social world. Kids who struggle socially are sometimes lonely and research suggests poor outcomes for those who are socially challenged. Allison Marean and Breann Colpitts, two North Denver moms and former educators, witnessed too many quirky Continue Reading →

“Prepared for the Unexpected Journey”

Marisol and Michael may differ on some television shows, soccer (he loves it and she’s confused about the concept of “offside”), or when to wash the dishes, but one of the things they don’t differ on is the importance of taking care of their family. Marisol’s planner mentality placed them at the Wills and Wellness office in the fall of Continue Reading →

A Moment of Zen for Kids

  “Emotional self-regulation … (is) integrated into every class.” Many people hear that I teach yoga for kids and the first question is, “How does that work? Isn’t it hard to get kids to do yoga?” That is a great question since we typically think of yoga as a serene hour of relaxation, meditation, and exercise. And when we typically Continue Reading →

Planning for College Expenses

As a parent with potentially college-bound children, you are probably concerned with setting up a financial plan to fund future college costs! The scary part is how much college might actually cost if you currently have young children. I have used the “College Cost Projector” calculator on the website to determine the potential costs for our children (ages 5 Continue Reading →

Today’s Modern Families Face Troublesome Estate Planning Issues

Since divorce is on the rise, as well as second marriages, blended families have become the new norm – the new modern American family.  In today’s blended family, Spouse A and/or Spouse B might have children from a prior marriage, and they might have a child together as well. In these types of family units, there are unforeseen complications regarding Continue Reading →

And then there were…… FIVE!!!

Kristin and Chris have called many places home over the years, but really for them, Home is where they are together. One might even say that their family are true global citizens with three nationalities, different last names and every shade of skin tone. But as they have told their sons many times, families are made in many different ways Continue Reading →

Parenting = Strategic Planning

Wills & Wellness is excited to have Christie Sears, Child, Couple and Family Therapist, guest blog for us this month. Christie will be joining Wills & Wellness in presenting to families at Baby & Co in Wheatridge this fall about how to create peace of mind through estate planning. Thanks for the advice Christie! Balance is key to a happier, Continue Reading →

Estate Planning: An Unexpected Source of Total Wellness

 “Wellness is a connection of paths: knowledge and action.” #1: Your mind is the epicenter of your health and well-being. It’s so crucial to try to live mindfully, meditate and maintain balance. Yet, worry still happens to everyone. An estate plan takes away worry about what would happen to your kids if something happened to you. Peace of mind this Continue Reading →

6 Dangers When Drafting Your Own Estate Plan

“Poorly drafted estate planning documents can cause more harm than doing nothing at all.” With the emergence of internet-based tools like, LegalZoom, more and more people are opting to draft their own legal documents rather than seeking assistance from an experienced estate planning attorney.  However, sadly, there are great risks and potentially large costs associated with drafting your own documents. Continue Reading →