“Prepared for the Unexpected Journey”

Darnell photo 2
Marisol and Michael may differ on some television shows, soccer (he loves it and she’s
confused about the concept of “offside”), or when to wash the dishes, but one of the things they
don’t differ on is the importance of taking care of their family. Marisol’s planner mentality placed
them at the Wills and Wellness office in the fall of 2014 and Michael fully supported the effort to
ensure that their family was cared for should something happen to either of them.

“Neither of them knew that an event a few months after beginning their estate planning journey could have tested their plan sooner than they had anticipated.”

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Marisol grew up in Georgia and Michael in North Carolina. After over 10 years in DC, Michael
moved to Colorado, where he met Marisol through a mutual friend. After sharing many craft
beers and hikes together, they married in 2012. Their son, Liam, was born in 2014 and has
enriched their life since. During December 2014, Marisol fell ill and spent three weeks in the
hospital, fighting a staph infection that ravaged her body. Multiple surgeries later, including on
her spine, she returned home. It was this illness and experience that opened Michael and
Marisol’s eyes to the possibilities of what might have happened. But they were glad they had
finalized their estate before Marisol’s illness.
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Marisol’s body faced an uphill battle in recovery but her mind was at ease with the knowledge
that there would be no battles with her family’s estate or for Liam in the future.  Today, their life is probably typical of one with a toddler: fun, exhausting, ever­ changing…a constant adventure.

A life where they have one less thing to worry about, now that their wishes for their family will never be tested.

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Photography: Susannah Storch Allen