Family History and DNA Testing

Introduction to Genealogy Workshop Tues, Aug 23 at 6:00pm Free admission. Light refreshments and babysitting will be provided. We will cover topics such as DNA testing, genealogy mapping, family history resources, and more! RSVP at Have you seen the popular TV shows Who Do You Think You Are, Genealogy Roadshow or Long Lost Family, where individuals connect with their ancestral roots Continue Reading →

“Prepared for the Unexpected Journey”

Marisol and Michael may differ on some television shows, soccer (he loves it and she’s confused about the concept of “offside”), or when to wash the dishes, but one of the things they don’t differ on is the importance of taking care of their family. Marisol’s planner mentality placed them at the Wills and Wellness office in the fall of Continue Reading →

And then there were…… FIVE!!!

Kristin and Chris have called many places home over the years, but really for them, Home is where they are together. One might even say that their family are true global citizens with three nationalities, different last names and every shade of skin tone. But as they have told their sons many times, families are made in many different ways Continue Reading →

Top 7 reasons you need an estate plan—even if you have only $500 in the bank

Contrary to popular belief, estate planning is not just about money or taxes. Far from it. Today, it’s more about protecting your assets for yourself and your loved ones, achieving your financial goals, and safeguarding your health care. Money and taxes aside, here are 7 Good Reasons why you need an estate plan: 1. Your health care. Defining how your Continue Reading →

10 Tips for choosing the best guardian

You’re a parent of minor children—do you know what would happen to your children if something happened to you? Maybe one of your siblings would step in or perhaps an aging parent. Maybe you were rushing to get out of town last year and sent a quick email to a friend or family member saying who you’d want as guardian Continue Reading →

DIY Last Will Causes Trouble for One Elderly Lady and A Large Windfall for Her Nieces

We live in a do-it-yourself world–always on the go, never enough time. But while some things are perfectly suited for the DIY approach, others simply aren’t. Take the story of Ann Aldrich, an aunt to two nieces (their father, one of Ann’s brothers, had passed away years before) and a sister to three siblings, only one of whom (another brother) was Continue Reading →

How to get creative with trusts – even for plants!

Want to read a news story that will make you smile? Check out the Wall Street Journal’s recent story about a woman’s trust that provides funds for her house plant. Ronna Scoratow has no companion that has been by her side longer than her 42-year-old philodendron. It may very well be that her plant outlives her. What would happen to Continue Reading →