And then there were…… FIVE!!!

Client Spotlight Banek-Gabelle Family

Kristin and Chris have called many places home over the years, but really for them, Home is where they are together. One might even say that their family are true global citizens with three nationalities, different last names and every shade of skin tone. But as they have told their sons many times, families are made in many different ways but in the end it only matters that they love each other.

Kristin grew up in Colorado and Chris is from London but their family considers Colorado their most permanent address and home base. They have three children from infant to tween. They often joke about their poor planning, as they will have to endure the teenage years for the next 20 years!
Chris and Kristin expanded their family from two to five members rather quickly. JJ, the eldest, started it all off by turning the couple into the “three family” four years ago. Three years later Francis joined the family making it four. And just when they thought they were done expanding, along came little Alba just this year to make them a family of five!

Their house is anything but boring with lots of action and noise. Family free time, when it can be found, is spent taking walks, watching movies and playing card games with the boys. All three boys love to watch soccer (or football as it is called in London) and it is definitely the go to activity when outside. Their favorite vacations involve either mountains or beaches, however the boys dream of going to London and Italy one day.

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Honesty, gratitude, respect for themselves and others, hard work, kindness and forgiveness are all virtues that they try to incorporate in their everyday lives. With the boys being told very often to be mindful of what they are doing or saying and how it might impact others and themselves. Given that Chris and Kristin’s work take them overseas, primarily in Africa, they are trying to teach their children through example the same sense of service for those less fortunate.