Successfully Social Coaches Quirky Kids

“Quirky kids.” We all know at least one. Some kids’ quirks are endearing and cute, but others keep them on the outskirts of the social world. Kids who struggle socially are sometimes lonely and research suggests poor outcomes for those who are socially challenged. Allison Marean and Breann Colpitts, two North Denver moms and former educators, witnessed too many quirky Continue Reading →

Parenting = Strategic Planning

Wills & Wellness is excited to have Christie Sears, Child, Couple and Family Therapist, guest blog for us this month. Christie will be joining Wills & Wellness in presenting to families at Baby & Co in Wheatridge this fall about how to create peace of mind through estate planning. Thanks for the advice Christie! Balance is key to a happier, Continue Reading →

10 Best Estate Planning Movies!

Estate planning and selecting a guardian can be a gloomy and existential topic, but here are 10 awesome movies that make estate planning funny, loving, quirky, and sweet. Which is your favorite? 1. The Big Chill: “Amazing tradition. They throw a great party for you on the one day they know you can’t come.” 2. Harold and Maude: “A lot of people enjoy being dead. Continue Reading →