Successfully Social Coaches Quirky Kids

“Quirky kids.”

We all know at least one. Some kids’ quirks are endearing and cute, but others keep them on the outskirts of the social world. Kids who struggle socially are sometimes lonely and research suggests poor outcomes for those who are socially challenged.

Allison Marean and Breann Colpitts, two North Denver moms and former educators, witnessed too many quirky kids falling behind socially in public schools and founded Successfully Social as the answer to this unaddressed reality. Successfully Social provides social coaching for quirky kids who struggle to navigate our fast-paced social world. For many social navigation is intuitive, but for those with social learning challenges it can be frustrating and anxiety provoking to live in a world that doesn’t seem predictable or logical.

While many consider good grades as a predictor of success, social skills are equally important. According to the National Association of School Psychologists, good social skills are critical for successful functioning in life. These skills enable us to know what to say, how to make good choices, and how to behave in diverse situations.

As a new resource for Denver Metro families, Successfully Social offers an innovative approach for working with clients. Rather than the traditional method of teaching rote social skills, Successfully Social’s aim is to set the stage for friendship by building a foundation for interacting with the community in meaningful ways. This is achieved through either individual or group coaching that infuses the Social Thinking® philosophy with fun activities and dynamic opportunities for social growth.

Successfully Social has social learning opportunities for kids ages 4 through 24, as well as free parent meet-ups. To learn more about Successfully Social’s services visit their website or call 303-809-2909.

Breann Colpitts, Ed.S, NCSP

Social Coach & Co-Founder of Successfully Social, LLC
Successfully Social