Create a Certain Future in These Uncertain Times

Right now is a time with many unknowns—a lot of things we can’t control. We don’t know when daily living as we know it—meeting up with friends, enjoying a new restaurant, actually going to a movie theatre to watch the newest release, not having to fret over lack of toilet paper—will get back to some sort of semblance of order. While the nation tackles pandemic preparedness, you can have peace of mind for your family’s future knowing you have a clear and comprehensive will and estate plan in place. 

Now Is The Time

With the present being so unpredictable, now is the perfect time to make sure your family’s future is secure. Sit down and outline what you want for your family if anything happens to you. Things to consider:

  • Finances
  • Division of Property
  • Care of minor children
  • Beneficiaries
  • Decision-maker during incapacity

Sure, there are plenty of online “DIY” places to access basic “fill in the blank” forms for estate planning, living trusts and wills, but because there are so many things to consider when preparing your estate plan, it is highly recommended to enlist the expertise of professionals. FAQ: Why Shouldn’t I Do My Own Estate Plan? The expert Wills & Wellness team will help walk you through all the things that need to be considered in order to avoid your estate ending up in probate, money meant for your family being eaten up by taxes or tied up in red tape, and, most importantly, give you peace of mind that no matter what happens, your family will be secure.

Pre-Planning vs. No Planning

In these unprecedented times, no one can predict what’s going to happen five minutes from now, much less in five years. Jeopardizing the well-being of your family and their future by not having a plan in place is not worth the risk of “putting off today, what you can do tomorrow.”

Plan From Home

Although you might not be able to leave your house right now, that’s not a reason to put off getting your estate plan in place today. Wills & Wellness is scheduling virtual meetings via video conference, so as not to delay your planning process one more day.

An Essential Offer

Wills & Wellness wants to help make sure everyone has an estate plan in place. We are offering 10% off for anyone who schedules a virtual meeting with us, and 25% off for those essential people who are on the front lines fighting the COVID-19 virus right now (doctors, nurses, first responders, etc.)

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