A Moment of Zen for Kids


“Emotional self-regulation … (is) integrated into every class.”

Many people hear that I teach yoga for kids and the first question is, “How does that work? Isn’t it hard to get kids to do yoga?” That is a great question since we typically think of yoga as a serene hour of relaxation, meditation, and exercise.

And when we typically think of a group of children together, relaxation and mediation don’t necessarily come to mind! In a Silly Hearts Yoga class, the expectation is not that children stand quietly and participate in a class designed for adults. Instead, children are asked to roar like lions, hop like frogs, march like dinosaurs, shout “Hello Sun!” and be a little bit silly (hence, the name Silly Hearts). But, the whole class isn’t silly- there are often times when we slow down, breathe deeply and work on balance or moving with our breath. And, there is only ONE rule: Listen so we can have fun and be safe!

“Children are asked to shout ‘Hello Sun!’ and be a little bit silly.”


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One of the greatest things that yoga can teach a young child is how to move from calm to energized and then back to calm. The topics of emotional self-regulation and learning how to control your body are integrated into every class. Silly Hearts Yoga classes are unique in that they are all taught by me, Audrey Beaugh, an early childhood special education teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience and a yoga for kids certification from Mini Yogis in Santa Monica, CA. Integrating books, music, themes, and academic concepts along with traditional yoga poses in a child-friendly format is natural to me and each time I teach a class I learn something new and end with the same thought “I love my job!”

I teach a variety of classes around the Denver Metro Area, including private classes (I come to you!) and enrichment programs at schools and daycares. Visit sites.google.com/site/sillyheartsyogaforkids and follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @SillyHeartsYoga

Audrey Beaugh

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