the Biggest Little Book Drive ever

Wills & Wellness is a law firm committed to making a difference in the community and enhancing the lives of those around us.

This Spring, our firm is hosting our First Annual Biggest Little Book Drive and we’re asking for your help!

Ever seen the Free Little Library Boxes around your neighborhood? They look like this.

(…check out even more designs on our “Free Little Libraries” Pinterest board)

Free Little Libraries offer a unique way for anyone to access education and reading. It’s simple – take a book, return a book! We’re asking for donations of any kind, with a focus on children’s books, youth and adult fiction and non-fiction – anything small enough and light enough to fit in a Free Little Library as well as easy enough for someone to carry home while walking the neighborhood. (textbooks might be tough for example…)

Free Little Libraries encourage individuals and neighborhoods to come together and support one another. It also fosters trust and responsibility because the books are free to take – there’s just one simple rule – bring one back to keep the library full.

Watch this quick and adorable video about Free Little Libraries.

  • Reading aloud in the early years exposes children to rare words and ideas not often found in day-to-day conversations or screen time.
  • Reading aloud is a proven technique to help children cope during times of stress or tragedy.
  • Reading aloud gives children the opportunity to practice listening – a crucial skill for kindergarten and beyond.

“What happens during the first months and years of life matters, a lot, not because this period of development provides an indelible blueprint for adult well-being, but because it sets either a sturdy or fragile stage for what follows.” J.S. Shonkoff & D. Phillips, Eds., From Neurons to Neighborhoods: The Science of Early Childhood Development (2000), Washington D.C.; National Research Council & The Institute of Medicine, National Academy Press.

Here’s an interesting Denver Post article about some of the coolest Colorado Free Little Libraries.

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