New Parents Plan for the Future

Note from Wills & Wellness: We were so honored that our clients were featured by Colorado State University for the planned giving that we helped them create. Have a special foundation or organization that you care about deeply? Contact us for help in leaving your own personal legacy.

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When Michael Schulman (’01) and his wife, Bryn Harris, welcomed their son, Landon, into the world last fall, they set up a trust that would provide for him should anything happen to them. In the process, they decided to include a bequest to Colorado State University, where Michael earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration.

“We put together our trust with our son’s well-being in mind,” said Bryn. “We talked about our priorities and documented everything. When our lawyer asked if we wanted to make decisions about charitable giving, we knew we wanted to designate CSU. We really feel a strong connection to CSU, and we know the money will be well spent.”

Michael explained, “We are currently saving for our son’s college costs — hopefully he will go to CSU! We would also like to see our other assets go to good use too.”

With their plan, Michael and Bryn will be providing not only for their son but also for CSU’s students and programs. CSU’s Division of Student Affairs and First Generation Scholarship fund are designated recipients of their gift. These designations have special meaning for Michael, who was active in many student activities, including the Associated Students of Colorado State University, the Business College Council, Hillel, and the President’s Leadership Program.

“I’ve used my degrees working in computer information systems in higher education. My CSU classes taught me how businesses should function, while my other activities actually gave me the experience to put that knowledge to work. I wanted to say thanks for the experiences I had, and make sure future students have access to these opportunities through Student Affairs. My work also has given me a chance to work with many students, and I’ve seen that those who are first in their families to attend college face more challenges. Their parents may not be as involved or as able to help. The First Generation Scholarship fund helps these students.”

Michael and Bryn currently live in Denver, where they moved after earning graduate degrees at Indiana University. Bryn, a school psychology professor at the University of Colorado Denver, and Michael, a project manager for the Colorado Community College System, are active with the Denver Rams Alumni Network and with ASCSU alumni activities.

“When we moved to Colorado, I didn’t know anyone, but Michael reconnected with CSU friends in the area,” said Bryn. “I felt immediately accepted and welcomed. I felt an instant connection to CSU, so I’m very glad to see our money go there. Setting this gift up was so easy. The staff in CSU’s Office of Gift Planning was very helpful and supportive, and we found planning for the future can be simple at any age.”

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