How to have Peace of Mind and Leave Your Kids a Piece of the Pie

When we leave this world, we all hope to leave it a better place. And, during our lifetimes, we hope to live healthy, happy lives as long as we can. Enjoying as much time with our family, friends, and furry ones is usually top of the list for life’s simple pleasures.


If something ever happened to you, your loved ones would be at such a loss – a loss of your spirit and soul, at a loss of what to do next, loss of words and perhaps financial loss too.


How An Estate Plan Can Help


Having an estate plan can help alleviate all of it, plus give you peace of mind knowing that your loved ones have instructions from you about what to do, how to remember you, and how much you loved them. It’s really your duty to be responsible for yourself now and once you’ve passed away.


No one wants to think about what would happen if something happened to them. But, if you’re like most people, parents especially, you don’t want to admit that you catch yourself thinking the worst at times.


The Wills & Wellness Approach


Our firm has literally thought of everything when it comes to estate planning for young families or anyone who wants to make sure that they have an airtight plan during emergencies.


  • We give parents emergency wallet cards that alert first responders that there are minor children at home.
  • We provide short-term guardianship documents to prevent kids from being in Child Protective Services while a long-term guardian is found.
  • We even record a video for you of cherished memories, such as how you and your partner met, or what makes each of your children special.
  • And, we educate parents on how to name a “financial guardian” for their children to preserve family assets for your kid’s special life moments.


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First posted on the Urban Campfire Blog.