Two Men and a Little Lady

Joyful Olivia is almost always smiling or laughing!

Client Family 1

Jim and Mike have lived in the LoHi neighborhood for over ten years – they love the mixture of old and new and the walk-ability of the area. Just over two years ago, their daughter Olivia joined their family and they have been going non-stop ever since! They are raising their daughter to be bilingual, which will surely give her a leg up in our diverse community. One thing they love about living in Colorado, is that they can be in a completely different environment depending on the part of the state. This summer they have a family trip planned down to the southern part of the state to check out Great Sand Dunes National Park.


The family is very active in the community and loves to support local community needs that they learn about from friends and neighbors on an individual and personal basis. They value respect for every member of their family for each person’s unique contributions and perspectives. You can find them at the Denver Zoo on a weekly basis, as checking out the animals and riding the carousel are some of Olivia’s favorite things to do. At the end of the day though, the most important thing to Olivia at the moment is “hugs” – her current favorite request of her dads.

Patience is a Virtue

Jim and Mike find patience as one of the more important qualities in instill in their daughter. Every spring they plant a garden together so that she will begin to understand that you will not always get instant gratification and that oftentimes, the best rewards come over time.

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