Wills & Wellness Sponsors a Child through World Vision

For a long time now, we have wanted to sponsor a child. For just $33 a month, we are able to help support little Dilan. How interesting that he is wearing his little “lucky” hat! That might just be his new nickname. Dilan is from Columbia and was born on the same day that we moved into our brand new office here in LoHi. We are so excited to see this little man grow up while we grow at the same time. Our support will provide Dilan with access to clean water, healthy nutrition and will help him gain an education. We are helping to sustain this little child so that he may grow up to pay it forward himself! World Vision allows sponsors to really know their sponsored child.

“I know my sponsor,” says Solange, an 11-year-old sponsored girl from Rwanda. “She writes me letters. I love her very much. She sponsors me because she loves me . . . it’s good to be sponsored.”

Now you can be a part of this life changing experience too! Ask about our client memberships at Wills & Wellness. If you become a member, you will receive heightened service (and you thought it couldn’t get any better!) with annual reviews and updates, yearly “Priceless Conversations” to create a lasting legacy for your family, phone calls, attorney counsel, endless trust funding assistance, our undivided attention and access to our highly skilled team of experts…plus – the gift of a child sponsorship. There’s truly nothing to lose and so much to gain. We’re excited to share Dilan’s journey with you!