The Hesleys in LoHi

“Mommy you must have been so hungry when I was in your tummy because I was eating all of your food!”

–Molly Hesley, age 4

Like many of us, Wills & Wellness clients Kathy and Paul Hesley came to Colorado to visit and loved it so much, they decided to stay! They live in the Lower Highlands with their four year old daughter, Molly. In fact, they were next-door neighbors to Wills & Wellness before our big move to RiNo in March of this year. They love the neighborhood just as much as we did and take advantage of all the restaurants, shops, and farmers’ markets right outside their front door. Molly is having fun exploring Denver with her family and is growing into a compassionate and artistic citizen of the Mile-High City! Kathy and Paul hope to distill self-confidence, respect and a motivation to aim high and work hard in their daughter during their time in Colorado. We’ve got lots of mountains to climb here Molly, so you should be just fine!


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Have you ever heard of a Chiweenie? Nope, it’s not the latest small plate at the Hesley’s neighborhood restaurant Old Major. It is the name given to dogs that are a mix of Chihuahua and Dachshund! The Helsey’s dog, Rosa, is a Chiweenie and we must not forget to mention her! As Wills & Wellness knows, pets are very important parts of our families! Kathy and Paul are true animal lovers and, besides volunteering their time at shelters, they have even fostered dogs and cats in the past. As dog-friendly as Denver is, we are betting that Rosa loves it here as much as the rest of her family!



The Hesleys value quality time together with their daughter and their extended family. They spend vacations traveling back to their roots in Philadelphia, maintaining bonds with friends and family, and playing on the New Jersey beaches. In addition to keeping in touch with loved ones, the Hesleys eloquently expressed that “our family was built with love and is nurtured through quality time together. Honesty, patience and forgiveness are very important parts of our family’s happiness. Those sound like great values to us too and we are so fortunate to have the Hesleys as part of our Wills & Wellness client family!

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